Dear bride and groom,

welcome to my website. Great that you are here!

You are interested in possible alternatives to a church wedding? Or a civil ceremony is not festive enough and too impersonal and you desire more individuality?

For these reasons, you may debate whether you want to be married in a free wedding ceremony? Then I would like to invite you cordially to find out more about me and my philosophy as a wedding speaker on this website.

I hope you enjoy browsing and I am looking forward to your contact,

Yours sincerely,

Stefanie Schultheisz

Free wedding ceremony

Dear bride and groom,

you are just about to prepare the thitherto most important day in your life together. You are investing considerable time, effort and care and wish that this day will be unforgettable.

The highlight of this day will undoubtedly be the unique moment when you affirm each other in your uniqueness. This very special moment, when you accept each other as wife and husband for your own sake and for the rest of your life.

At this moment, I wish to be beside you and lend my voice to the words in your hearts. In my wedding ceremony your individuality as newlyweds is decisive.

Being your wedding speaker means both honor and responsibility at the same time. I enjoy your trust and in return I promise that your wedding will be memorable.

I dedicate myself with a lot of time, due diligence and care to your individual and personal wedding ceremony whereby I take your wishes and ideas into special consideration.

I am looking forward to the time with you!

My services for you

- free wedding ceremonies
- same-sex weddings
- renewal of your vows
- English language weddings
- on request, integration of Christian elements
- individual guidance concerning your personal wedding ceremony

I am looking forward to meeting you in a non-committal appointment to learn more about you, your wishes and your ideas.